Good Dog,
Bad Behavior

We started the Good Dog Movement to help dogs like these, and people like you. People who have spent countless hours watching training videos on YouTube. People who just want what’s best for their dog. And people who treat their dogs like family.

It’s our promise that we can help you create a lifestyle where your dog is understood, secure, and eager to follow your lead.

Unleash Your Dog’s Potential 

If obedience training taught your dog how to sit and stay, but didn’t change their “bad” behavior, you’re not alone. Obedience training is great. It’s a necessary first step. But to change how your dog behaves, we need to do more.

The thing is, dogs want to please. Love. Be a part of your pack. But talking to them like four-legged humans can lead to a lot of “bad” dog issues.

The Good Dog Movement isn’t about dog training. It’s about changing our relationship with dogs. To do that, we need to learn to speak dog. Communicate in ways they can understand. It’s the only way we can help them and bring out good dog behavior.

There is no bad dog. Just good dogs, and dogs who want to know how to be good.

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After training thousands of dogs, we know what works and what doesn’t. You’ll receive methodology, lesson plans, and exercises that are proven to help dogs like yours. 


Dogs are independent, unique beings with different behaviors, characteristics, and energy levels. Our one-time DogenalityTM test will help you see the world through their eyes and determine which exercises will help them the most. 

Online Community

You’re not in it alone. Our online community of supportive pet parents is a place where you can share solutions, ask for help, and celebrate victories.

Meet Angie Woods 

Founder and pack leader of the Good Dog Movement, Angie Woods has a 30-year track record of helping dogs (and people) to create healthy, happy homes. From small terrier to big mastiff, Angie has seen it all. She’s helped well over a thousand dogs, making her Atlanta’s top canine problem solver. Her methods will push you out of your comfort zone. You’ll have to learn a whole new way of thinking. But with a little patience and a bit of hard work, you’ll be able to become the pet parent your dog needs.

See What All the Bark’s About

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You’ll also be the first to join our online community. It’s a place where you can talk to other pet parents to ask for help and share solutions to behavior problems.

In return, we’d just like to hear your feedback. With your help, we can make the world a better place for people and their dogs.

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